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TEMSA-Our Brand

The TEMSA brand mark is constructed from two elements, the TEMSA roundel and the TEMSA word mark. The brand mark was designed to reflect the Smart Value proposition. Its design reflects the relationship between TEMSA and our customers and the quality of our product.

We are driven by value. We know our customers want quality products at affordable prices, so that is what we deliver. But we do not stop there. Our customers are at the core of everything we do. We are a company that is approachable, agile and enterprising. The idea of 'Value in motion' shows how committed we are to working together with our customers, distributors and each other in order to deliver the best we can. It is always at the heart of everything we do, driving continuous improvement.


Employee Activities


Champions Running


The TEMSA MASTERS team, representing Temsa Global A.S, finished 7th place in the VODAFONE ISTANBUL - CHAMPIONS RUNNING, a marathon where 34 corporate companies participate with teams consisting of 5 persons.


Dragon Festival


This year's annual Corporate Dragon Festival was held at the Seyhan River. Our TEMSA DRAGON TEAM did not forget to have fun, whilst battling against the difficult stream and competing against tough opponents.


OHS & Environment

Occupational Health & Safety

TEMSA sees occupational health and safety as an integral part of its corporate culture and the Company fully complies with international occupational health and safety practice. These includes: risk identification and risk assessment; occupational health and safety training and notifications; accident and incident analysis; occupational health and safety field and system controls; unannounced field inspections; periodic occupational health and safety meetings; compliance with legal requirements and evaluation studies; implementation of preventive measures and improvements related to working environment and occupational hygiene; emergency management and drills; fire and earthquake safety studies; work site controls and work permits; staff recruitment and periodic health checkups; ergonomics compliance checks; and remediation activities. In addition, the Company supports its suppliers and dealers via training and audits in occupational health and safety issues.

TEMSA maintains full compliance with its TS 18001:2008 OHSAS Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification issued by the Turkish Standards Institute thanks to the Company’s systematic practices in place.


TEMSA continues its ongoing efforts to minimize the environmental impacts that may arise from its operations. The Company’s work in this area include reducing the amount of waste, waste water treatment and recycling; conserving energy through the protection of natural resources; preventing environmental accidents; using environmentally friendly raw materials; reducing costs from environmental management; reducing the carbon footprint from energy consumption; complying with legal and regulatory requirements; conducting employee trainings; and making field arrangements.

Supporting an environmentally aware production approach, TEMSA continues initiatives to expand the use of eco-friendly raw materials such as water-based paints and adhesives and to reduce the use of chemicals.

Thanks to its systematic studies in environmental protection, TEMSA extended its Turkish Standards Institute approved TS EN ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System Certification until 2014.



TEMSA is the first automotive company included in the Turquality Support Program, which is the first and most comprehensive state funded brand support program in the world.

The Turquality initiative was established to support Turkish brands in international markets and create strong brands with the motto of “10 Global Brands in 10 Years.” TEMSA was selected as a “Star Brand” by Turquality under a 4-category performance evaluation among the 78 brands participating in the program in 2009.

After its inclusion in Turquality, TEMSA entered 25 new international markets and was granted an additional 5-year term of support from the Program for its superior performance. With that support, the Company is moving toward becoming a global player in its industry.

At a time when the effects of the global economic crisis continue to linger,Turquality has provided important strategic contributions to the Company and accelerated TEMSA’s branding efforts in international markets.With Turquality support, TEMSA has participated in various international trade shows.


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